Supermariobros2 heroes sheet

Bonding with his get out of jail free card.

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Mario is that goodie-two shoes you seen in video games all the time.

He is mostly a bad guy. He has a mustache that he refuses to shave off and smells like lotzah spyahghyehttey.

He is often seen living in an old apartment with 8-bit music on all the time. People around him get really frustated with this and was arrested 15 times for that. He was only let out for good behaiver once only because he fell asleep and the guards didn't notice. Other that that he's breaking out by sneeking in super mushrooms, eating them, and busting through the roof. So he has a high criminal record.

If he isn't in jail, he's at Peach's Castle with his girlfriend, Peach and his imaginary family.

I'm sorry, this part is just blank because it was nuked by Mario.Edit


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